My Handbound Leather Journal

The garden journal I was dreaming of last week is finally a reality!   (Minus much actual content, of course, but that will come later… )

gardenjournal3I searched stores and online, and still couldn’t settle on anything, so I decided to make my own.  It’s made from cotton paper, graph paper, and leather for a cover, hand-sewn with linen.   These were all things I already had around the house from other projects, so it was a great way to use up supplies, too!

One of the things I didn’t like about most journals is that there wasn’t much room between the covers after all the pages were in, so that if I wanted to add things like seed envelopes, receipts, photographs, etc, it would bulge very quickly.  Making my own, I was able to leave quite a bit of room in the pages for such inclusions.


I decided to use letter sized paper folded lengthwise for a slim shape.

gardenjournalSo far I’ve recorded a list of the seeds we have and included a when-to-plant chart for Kansas




Will you be keeping a garden journal?  What kind will you use?

Inspiration for An Artful Garden Journal

Every year I think I’m going to keep good records of my gardening escapades, and every year–you guessed it–I don’t!!!

But ever-determined, even in the face of my own lazy opposition, I plan on trying again this year.

I’ve also had the brilliant, if not quite obvious, idea of creating something that is not only a garden journal, but also an art journal…something I’ve wanted to do for some time anyway.

Here I’ve collected some inspiration that will hopefully spur me on…and if nothing else, it’s fun to look at other people’s work!   {And speaking of looking at things: have you checked out The Garden Girls on facebook yet?  This may be of  interest particularly to locals/Wichitans…no official announcements are being made yet, but some exciting news may be coming soon.} ;)

via On Pinehurst Place
via flickr
via Martha Stewart
via Tuscan Rose
via Tuscan Rose
via Tumamoc Sketchbook
via flickr
via Lili’s Bookbinding Blog


via mixing creative
via flickr
via GILDbookbinders
via Tuscan Rose
via flickr
via flickr

A New Twist…



Last year, my favorite local yarn shop closed…and I don’t think I have to tell you how sad that is.  Happily, though, it’s open for business once again!  What used to be Twist Yarn Shop is now A New Twist.

It opened Tuesday but I was unable to get down there until today.  I’m also sorry to say I didn’t have much to spend on yarn, so I only wound up–pun intended–with two skeins for now.  (But you know I’ll be back soon!!)

It was a tough choice, and I’ll share my purchases later, but there were tons of amazing fibers to choose from…the shop is really well-stocked, though you can’t tell from most of my photos…I was simply too distracted by all the glorious yarn to take pictures!



anewtwist2 anewtwist3 anewtwist4

This one…I’ll be back for this one.anewtwist5

Or maybe I’ll be back for this one…?anewtwist12


anewtwist9 Sooo bright… I loved these.anewtwist91
I hope you can make it down to 607 W Douglas Ave. in Wichita soon if you haven’t already…you won’t be disappointed. <3


The Knit Lounge @ TISSU {+ more…}


…our Knit Lounge at Tissu this past Thursday was FANTASTIC!!!

It was so wonderful to have so many fun people learning to knit.  I am grateful to Nina for hosting and to everyone who came out and put up with me.  ;)  Thank you for an amazing knight night of fibercrafting!

Awaiting our guests…

knitloungeiOur sample project.


Let’s knit!!

“Okay, just act natural…!”
knitloungei5 knitloungei6 knitloungei7knitloungei8 knitloungei9

Lots was learned, some was forgot (we’ll tackle binding off next time!), but I think it’s safe to say a good time was had by all.

In addition to knitting, I’ve also begun my annual attempt at organizing/purging…but I think it might take this time.  (Or at least, I hope it does.)  Which means I’m finally getting around to listing some things that have been sitting neglected!  You can see the new stuff at Lady Odeda, and be sure to check the shop in the days and weeks to come, because more is on its way!

And of course, I’ve begun  garden planning.  We have a garden every year, but this time, we hope to do a little extra…I won’t say anything about it yet, but if you like homegrown produce, be sure to check out our facebook page, The Garden Girls, to stay updated. ;)fb logo 1

Year of the Sheep // Learn to Knit!

Happy 2015–it’s the Year of the Sheep!!!

I have a lot planned…and we’ll see how much gets done.  ;)  But one sure thing is that I will be teaching a beginner’s knitting workshop on January 29 at TISSU Sewing Studio in Wichita, KS.

To sign up in advance with PayPal, or to just learn more, click here: Year of the Sheep Knit Lounge.


You can also register in advance by contacting Nina at TISSU Sewing Studio by calling 316-737-8787 or emailing   View the facebook event here: YOTS official facebook.

I hope your year has been splendid so far! <3


Two New Patterns: Snow Kitteh Winter Bonnet and Wheatley Wristwarmers

I am excited to (FINALLY) be releasing two new knitting patterns!

The first is a free pattern available for download here on the blog!  Just click here -> Snow Kitteh Winter Bonnet.  You can also find it at my ravelry shop, in Leanne of Prairiesque’s designs.  It is a sweet, simple, quick, chunky knit that is great for intermediate or beginning knitters who are looking for a (very small!) challenge.

snowkitteh snowkitteh2 snowkitteh3 snowkitteh5

My second pattern, Wheatley Wristwarmers, is available for purchase in my ravelry shop and at the Sugar Pickle Knittery.  Cozy and classic, they’re fun little mitts with some unique cable work.


wheatley1    wheatley3

I hope you enjoy one or both of these designs!  And I’m curious–what other kinds of patterns would you like to see??

Friday Finds: Paints, prints, & more

1.  First, let me introduce you to the tights of my dreams:
These beauties are hand-printed in the UK by Teja Jamilla, and the only reason I don’t already own a pair is that I can’t decide which pair I want need!  I definitely want the pirate print…now I just have to decide on color.


2.  Blog: The Jealous Curator

I must admit I’m a little jealous of the Jealous Curator.   She maintains a blog featuring art of which one could be reasonably jealous.  But hopefully, in the end, you’ll just be inspired.  (Or, at least, mostly inspired.  I can’t promise you won’t still be a little jealous.  Oh, just go ahead and read what she says herself!) ;)

Nov7ivart by Ian Bodnaryk (left) and Lola Donoghue (right)

3.  Ernest Vincent Wood III
Running across this artist’s exhibit at HUE Gallery last Final Friday was a serious treat.   His oil paintings are simply breathtaking.    I’m so proud to be able to call him a fellow Wichitan!

4.  bookhou
I discovered bookhou via Geninne’s Art on facebook.  bookou is a collaborative work between John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj, and offers handmade textiles, furniture and house design, and more.



Giveaway: Hand-knit Mitts!

After the whirlwind that was the end of spring, summer, and fall (up until now), I am so excited about the coming months, because I am taking a break!  Not that I won’t be doing anything (oh, no!) but I am swearing off of commitments outside of my home, garden, and art.   To celebrate, I thought I’d do a giveaway! mittgiveawaynov15 To enter, you’ll need to “like” my facebook page, Prairiesque, and then comment on and/or like the current profile picture, which you can find linked here.  And that’s all you have to do!  A winner will be drawn randomly on Saturday, November 15. So here’s to cleaning, reading, working outside, more creating, and, hopefully, better blogging! PS–if you’d like to knit these yourself, you can find the Miss Practicality Wristwarmers pattern here

DIY: Easy, elegant mask for bespectacled beauties!

Halloween is upon us!!  Annnnnd…I only just started on my costume today.  (Yikes!)  I usually operate on a last minute basis anyway and usually don’t have too much trouble with things working themselves out, but I have been completely stuck on how to deal with my glasses. On rare occasions I will wear contacts, but I just didn’t feel like it this time.
This solution is so incredibly simple (and elegant, I think!) that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner.  But since I didn’t think of it sooner, I’m only just posting it now, and hope that any four-eyes in need will discover it in the nick of time!  :D



masktut2 masktut3 masktut4 masktut5 masktut6 masktut7 masktut8 masktut9 masktut9b masktut91 masktut92 masktut94masky

I already know that you know what the earth is without art, but…

There are about a million other things I should be working on right now, but I have to take a moment and get this out, though I almost hesitate to do so.  We’ve become so inundated with clichéd  little quotes splashed across pinterest and facebook and everywhere else, they become stale and trite and it’s easy to not take anything to heart.  I imagine what I’m writing now will inevitably become lost in the sea of inspirational internet rhetoric.  However, if I haven’t lost your attention by now, please listen–and I mean really listen–to this:


And when I say art, I just mean creating.   If you’re thinking, “oh, I’m not the creative type,” or “I couldn’t draw a straight line to save my life,” or some other manner of negative claptrap, STOP NOW.  These are false beliefs.  If you are a human, you ARE creative.  Perhaps your talents don’t lie in the “traditional” realm of art.  Perhaps you’re not a painter or a sculptor, but you can imagine, and you can make stuff.

Of course, you may very well be a painter or sculptor.  Maybe you’re a knitter, weaver, spinner, crocheter.  Or you might be a photographer, or a designer, an organizer, a builder of robots.  Maybe you’re a writer or a performer.  Maybe you’re a curator who appreciates the work of others and facilitates the enjoyment of such.  Maybe you are many of these things.  If you don’t know what you are yet, find out NOW.  And if you’ve already found your niche…DISCOVER A NEW ONE.

Why should you do this?  Because it’s enjoyable, it makes you be more curious, it enriches your life and that of those around you.  Really, just get excited about things.   And once you’ve found your passion, SHARE IT!  Please.  You will inspire others, even if you don’t know it.


Art, Craft, Nature + More on the Kansas Plain


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