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I recently discovered the Seamwork podcast (one I’m loving, by the way), which in turn lead me to discover designer and slow fashion blogger Jacqui Palhegyi at Birds of a Thread.  On that blog, Jacqui offers an ethical shopping guide, patterns and encouragement to sew yourself, and more.  It’s a lovely, inspiring site and definitely worth a look.

Listening to that particular episode, combined with the dilemma of having yet again accumulated perhaps too much sewing stuff, made me realize I’ve really lost sight of what used to be one of my major priorities in crafting: sustainability.

There was a time when I was quite adament about where everything I bought came from, but I got lazy and my diligence faded when faced with the challenges of finding ethically and sustainably made goods.

I want this to become my focus again: slow down, buy less, be aware of where everything is coming from and how its production affects people.

Do you feel like you need to embrace slow fashion again?  Or has it always been part of your life?  If you have resources you’d like to share for encouraging sustainable living, please pass them on!