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Steampunk costume by Majestic Velvets

Fans of Victorian/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, take note: the first EVER Steampunkesque Mulvane Festival is happening this Fall!

Hosted by the Mulvane Downtown Revitalization Program, this Steampunk affair will be taking place Friday, October 14 through Sunday, October 16, and feature events like an Evening with Edgar Allen Poe, Victorian brunch, a silent auction fundraiser, shopping, live music, and more.

Because this is their first year, vendors can participate for FREE.  Check out the application linked below for more information: 2016 Vendor Agreement: Steampunkesque Mulvane Festival

As you can probably imagine, I am thrilled to see this taking place, as I love steampunk and supporting local communities!  I can’t wait to dress up and check it out; you should be sure to do the same!  You can also support the festival’s official facebook page and stay up-to-date on further happenings here: SteampunkesqueMulvane

Steampunk Train/BBQ grill (no, really…!)