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soileddovesamplesOh, hai!  The long-awaited (at least by me) review of my Soiled Dove Co. perfumes is here!!  I know I’m a broken record by now, but all of Riley’s creations are simply exquisite.  Hopefully, these brief descriptions will help you find your perfect fit.  Of course, these are only four of twelve perfumes in the line…I’m thrilled to be able to sniff them all on October 24th at Craftacular!  (By the way…you should, too!)

pearlPearl {No. 3}
Elegant, warm, and lustrous like the shimmer of–yes–a pearl!  I always find the scent of jasmine to be delightful, but it also transports me back in time, which makes it one of my favorites.  It’s also perfect paired with the frankincense and myrrh found in Pearl.  Sweet and sexy, this is definitely a classic.    

rubyRuby {No. 2}
Ruby is cheerfully romantic–I’m a big fan of rose, so naturally I love it!  But I also know some people dislike rose perfumes, saying they have an “older”/grandmotherly feeling.  Ruby, however, could not be further from this.  It is decidedly upbeat and youthful with a shot of raspberry and peach, yet not too fruity.

 maxineMaxine {No. 11}
Leather, vanilla and amber mingle to create the perfect balance of cool and warm in the seductive Maxine.  Sophisticated and urbane, Maxine is a girl who knows what she’s about!   This is a pleasingly unique scent.


Josephine {No. 6}josephine
Another scent featuring lovely jasmine, I visual Josephine as being a bit of an earth child.  In true Soiled Dove fashion, this girl is anything but typical.  This blend, featuring grapefruit and mahogany, is vibrant yet rooted.