Prairie Moon Elixir


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It’s almost that beautiful, perfect time of year.  Already there have been some days when there’s not quite a nip in the air, but nearly–driving past some fields yesterday with the windows down, I was just about chilly!  The light’s changing, too, and these days I’m giddy with romance and ridiculousness (which are essentially the same thing.) ❤

Also, it’s high time for a treasury.  These are some things I’ve had my eye on for a while, along with some new finds.  I hope you enjoy and take the time to swing by these shops linked below!  You can also go directly to the Prairie Moon Elixir treasury by clicking on the image of it here:


(Left to right, top to bottom):
1. warrior cuff
2. watercolor painting
3. ring
4. honeycomb necklace
5. pearl lotion
6. printed pillow
7. gloves
8. tights
9. journal
10. datura print
11. moon print
12. leather purse
13. felt hat
14. crescent necklace
15. leggings
16. moth hair clips


Today’s advice: take a moment to stop and smell the datura.


Hi again!


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It’s been a while!  I really didn’t want to let TWO MONTHS go by without saying anything, but between a serious home repair saga, an art show, and several other little things, most of my time and energy has been completely sapped.  However, I’ve had a week of “decompression” and I’m back for now!So…updates!

First, I’m finally on the ‘gram… that what the kids say?  No?  Okay, fine, but you can still find me there at


Second, my art show at TISSU Sewing Studio was a huge success, thanks to every single person who came out, and to my amazing hosts, Nina and Fred!!  I’ve talked about it before, but I have to mention this hidden treasure again.  Nina has the best sewing and pattern-making classes, and great opportunities for people to learn, create, and find inspiration.  Fred is simply a wizard in the kitchen and does so much behind-the-scenes work.  (And as if that wasn’t enough, they are two of the sweetest and most generous people I know!)  If you are in the Wichita area and haven’t done so yet, please check out TISSU sometime it’s on Douglas in Clifton Square, upstairs and facing Yale Street (at the northeast corner.)  You can stay updated on their events at their facebook page,


Not only was the show fabulous, but I got to see my other incredibly generous friend, Riley, who brought me some pretty scents.  Spoiler alert!!:  Reviews to come shortly.

In other news, I’ve finally started knitting again (I had a bit of a break…) and hope to have some new patterns within the month.

We’ll chat again soon, but for now…I need to get started on some projects!!



Book Review: Ignite Your Creative Spirit


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When it rains, it pours.  (Though it has quit raining.)

After all that May precipitation, the garden is wild and needs attention, I still need to paint for a show coming up in July, and on top of that, a major home repair needs to be done now.  I am not complaining, though!  I am blessed beyond measure.  My point is…I may not get around to updating the blog as quickly as I planned.

taylanadenquoteHowever, while I have a moment, I must tell you about just one of the new ebooks available from WildFire Studio, called Ignite Your Creative Spirit: A Short Guide to Finding and Cultivating Inspiration by Tayla Naden.

Don’t let its compact nature fool you–it is crammed full of ideas, suggestions, and exercises on sparking your creativity.  Whether you’re just beginning to dabble in art, an old pro who’s stuck in a rut, a sculptor, musician, painter, or poet, this dazzling little guide is sure to give you at least a good handful of new ideas…but probably more.  Naden offers some great insight on why we create, the beauty of limitations, and more.  Throughout the book are exercises to help jumpstart projects and expand your repertoire.

Also from Tayla is The Craft Show Guide; these ebooks are available for $7 each at the WildFire Studio website at  I definitely recommend checking it out.

Review: The Soiled Dove


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Behold, the long-awaited review of…The Soiled Dove!!!

If you’re familiar with its sister company, Madame Scodioli, you’ll understand why I was so excited about the launching of The Soiled Dove.  Unsurprisingly, the doves do not disappoint…


Handmade in Kansas with yummy ingredients and a number of scents to choose from, it was hard to decide on a just a few things (because I do have to pace myself!).  Ultimately, I purchased a pump lotion in the Flora scent for myself, a jar of Hazel for mom, and the Refreshing Face and Body Soap…again, for myself.


Flora (pomegranate, bergamot, and black tea) has a lovely, very feminine, *almost* fruity scent–but black tea takes off the overly-fruity edge, which I appreciate because I’m not a big fan of fruity scents.  This is the perfect, refreshing combination of sweetness!

As for the feel of the lotion, it’s quite thick, creamy, and as luxuriously rich as you can get without being too greasy, and contains two of my favorites: avocado and sweet almond oil.  I love the feel.


soileddovereview4Hazel (tobacco, vanilla, and rose) has a deliciously rich fragrance.  I adore Hazel’s earthy–yet still very feminine–personality.  It almost seems to have a touch of honey scent to it, but this could just be me.  Unfortunately, my mom won’t let me use any of this.  I will likely have to buy my own.

soileddovereviewLastly, the Refreshing face and body soap is just that.  It has the exquisite lather I expect from soap made by this artisan; an uplifting, minty scent; and exfoliating oatmeal.  I hated to have to open the gorgeous wrapper, however…it was most certainly worth it.



soileddovereview6Not only is the product itself a dream, but the packaging is gorgeous, and Riley, the owner, is a true professional.  My parcel was shipped promptly and arrived quickly, and was carefully packed.

My only problem now is deciding what to choose next; I’m thinking I’d like to give Pearl, Josephine, and Maxine a try…but I’m also considering Vera and Violette…oh my.  Which ones sound good to you?  (You can see them all by clicking here.)



Garden Update: April



Everything is growing…and this is what it looks like in and around the garden right about now.   Radishes are growing (and some gone too far already!), squash and beans are popping up, onions are looking good, and our purple majesty potatoes (which I cannot wait to try) are doing better than the viking.  This is the calm before the gardening storm.  ❤








Clearwater Art Walk


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Last Friday, I went to the first annual Clearwater Art Walk–well, only part of it, unfortunately.  I had another engagement that evening, so by the time I got there, I’m sad to say it was nearly over!  Also, I only had my little camera, which doesn’t take the best pictures in low light.  So, I apologize for the poor documentation of what was actually a really wonderful event.  Next year, if not exhibiting as an artist myself, I hope to at least get there on time and experience it in its entirety!


If you’re not familiar with Clearwater, it’s a little town just a bit southwest of Wichita.  And as it tuns out, it’s full of talent!  First up is one of my favorite artists–and incidentally, one of my sweetest friends–Laura Coon.   Laura works in acrylics, colored pencil, and clay; and is skilled in all of these!


A fan viewing art by Laura Coon


Self portrait in pencil by Laura Coon


Sculpture by Laura Coon


Painting by Laura Coon


Painting by Laura Coon


Drawings by Laura Coon


Painting by Laura Coon

I also met this young lady, whose style I really love.  You can view more of Courtney Long’s work or request custom work on her instagram page,  @art_of_a_horse.


Drawing by Courtney Long


Artwork by Courtney Long


Art by Courtney Long

Before the evening was over, I also got to view these works…though again, in my haste, I did not get a name to go with all of these.  If you know the artists, please tell me and I’ll give them due credit!!  (The last two pictures feature work by the school kids.)


Painting by Brenna Snyder

clearwaterartwalk95 clearwaterartwalk94 clearwaterartwalk9clearwaterartwalk clearwaterartwalk2

11 Ways to Use Up Scrap Fabric…


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11 Ways to Use Up Scrap Fabric (even the teeny tiny bits!) I have a lot of fabric scraps.  (Okay, that’s an understatement.)  If you’re like me, you’re constantly looking for ways to use them.  And if you’re like me, you also know to never, ever throw textiles away!! (If you didn’t know that, I’m telling you now.)  😉 So what to do with those tiny pieces?  These are a few suggestions, but the list could go on and on! 1.  Piece strips into a striped fabric that can be used for small projects like zipper pouches. scrapfabric;pouch 2.   Use tiny scraps and bits of lace for textile jewelry. scrapfabric;necklace 3.  Make a crazy quilt. 4.  Embellish accessories, like wrist cuffs. scrapfabric;cuff 5.  Very tiny pieces of textile (like the trimmings that result from using a serger) can be saved for stuffing toys or art dolls. 6.  Cotton scraps are great for English paper piecing.  (EPP tutorial here.) scrapfabric;epp 7.  Use small bits of beautiful fabric to create buttons with the Dritz Craft Cover Button Kit or a similar kit. scrapfabric;buttons 8.  Small pieces can be bonded to an adhesive (like Heat n Bond) to create appliques.  Using the iron-on adhesive makes it easy to cut out small or intricate pieces, too. hoodrat 9.  Just tired of looking at the same old fabric?  Organize a scrap swap with fellow crafters who might feel the same! 10.  If the idea of acquiring even more fabric doesn’t sound like a good idea, gift your scraps instead of swapping them. 11.  If you absolutely cannot think of what you’d like to do with your extra fabric, donate it to Goodwill.  If it’s too small to sell, they will still send the fabric off to be recycled. What are some of your ideas for using scrap fabric?  I’d love to hear! scrapfabric

Inspiration for An Artful Garden Journal


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Every year I think I’m going to keep good records of my gardening escapades, and every year–you guessed it–I don’t!!!

But ever-determined, even in the face of my own lazy opposition, I plan on trying again this year.

I’ve also had the brilliant, if not quite obvious, idea of creating something that is not only a garden journal, but also an art journal…something I’ve wanted to do for some time anyway.

Here I’ve collected some inspiration that will hopefully spur me on…and if nothing else, it’s fun to look at other people’s work!   {And speaking of looking at things: have you checked out The Garden Girls on facebook yet?  This may be of  interest particularly to locals/Wichitans…no official announcements are being made yet, but some exciting news may be coming soon.} 😉

via flickr

via flickr

via flickr

via flickr

via flickr

A New Twist…


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Last year, my favorite local yarn shop closed…and I don’t think I have to tell you how sad that is.  Happily, though, it’s open for business once again!  What used to be Twist Yarn Shop is now A New Twist.

It opened Tuesday but I was unable to get down there until today.  I’m also sorry to say I didn’t have much to spend on yarn, so I only wound up–pun intended–with two skeins for now.  (But you know I’ll be back soon!!)

It was a tough choice, and I’ll share my purchases later, but there were tons of amazing fibers to choose from…the shop is really well-stocked, though you can’t tell from most of my photos…I was simply too distracted by all the glorious yarn to take pictures!



anewtwist2 anewtwist3 anewtwist4

This one…I’ll be back for this one.anewtwist5

Or maybe I’ll be back for this one…?anewtwist12


anewtwist9 Sooo bright… I loved these.anewtwist91
I hope you can make it down to 607 W Douglas Ave. in Wichita soon if you haven’t already…you won’t be disappointed. ❤