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If you can count on me to be consistent in just one thing, it would definitely have to be my fickleness.

Long story short: I started new blog with a new name because I thought it might have a slightly different feel than this blog (but honestly it was just the same blog), yet I continued to accumulate followers here and none at the new blog, so I’m back now!  (Wow.  That was riveting, I’m sure.)

So are things going to be different here at Prairiesque?  Probably not in any way anyone other than myself would notice.  Because…well…probably not actually.  I’ll still be sharing projects, inspiration, etc., when the mood strikes.

And it would seem there are some of you who are still interested in what I post, so today I’ll be sharing some…DELIGHTFUL DISCOVERIES!

  1. What We Do in the Shadows
    This “mockumentary” movie follows a group of vampires flatting together in New Zealand.  This came out in 2014, but I only discovered it this year.  It is simply hilarious, and I found it to be more so with each viewing. Please do yourself a favor and check it out.  If you’re like me, you won’t be able to stop quoting from it…
  2. frankie
    I recently picked up this “Australian Fashion Magazine,” but it seemed to me to be a little more substantial than that; there also is a strong focus on art and DIY culture, and lots of cool indie businesses and entrepreneurs featured inside.  
  3. The Neighbourhood Studio
    Discovered via the aforementioned magazine, The Neighbourhood Studio may not be of great interest to you unless you actually live in New Zealand, but I found the article on them pretty inspiring.  The studio/store focuses on screen printing and types of fabric dying, offering classes and more.  I’ll probably never go there, but I wish I could.  (I do, however, intend on getting serious about my long-time dream of screen printing my own fabrics…heh, well, we’ll see.)  If you check out The Neighbourhood Studio facebook page, you’ll see lots of lovely photos like these…you know I’m all about pretty pictures.