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When it rains, it pours.  (Though it has quit raining.)

After all that May precipitation, the garden is wild and needs attention, I still need to paint for a show coming up in July, and on top of that, a major home repair needs to be done now.  I am not complaining, though!  I am blessed beyond measure.  My point is…I may not get around to updating the blog as quickly as I planned.

taylanadenquoteHowever, while I have a moment, I must tell you about just one of the new ebooks available from WildFire Studio, called Ignite Your Creative Spirit: A Short Guide to Finding and Cultivating Inspiration by Tayla Naden.

Don’t let its compact nature fool you–it is crammed full of ideas, suggestions, and exercises on sparking your creativity.  Whether you’re just beginning to dabble in art, an old pro who’s stuck in a rut, a sculptor, musician, painter, or poet, this dazzling little guide is sure to give you at least a good handful of new ideas…but probably more.  Naden offers some great insight on why we create, the beauty of limitations, and more.  Throughout the book are exercises to help jumpstart projects and expand your repertoire.

Also from Tayla is The Craft Show Guide; these ebooks are available for $7 each at the WildFire Studio website at www.wildfirestudio.co.  I definitely recommend checking it out.