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Last year, my favorite local yarn shop closed…and I don’t think I have to tell you how sad that is.  Happily, though, it’s open for business once again!  What used to be Twist Yarn Shop is now A New Twist.

It opened Tuesday but I was unable to get down there until today.  I’m also sorry to say I didn’t have much to spend on yarn, so I only wound up–pun intended–with two skeins for now.  (But you know I’ll be back soon!!)

It was a tough choice, and I’ll share my purchases later, but there were tons of amazing fibers to choose from…the shop is really well-stocked, though you can’t tell from most of my photos…I was simply too distracted by all the glorious yarn to take pictures!



anewtwist2 anewtwist3 anewtwist4

This one…I’ll be back for this one.anewtwist5

Or maybe I’ll be back for this one…?anewtwist12


anewtwist9 Sooo bright… I loved these.anewtwist91
I hope you can make it down to 607 W Douglas Ave. in Wichita soon if you haven’t already…you won’t be disappointed. ❤