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1.  First, let me introduce you to the tights of my dreams:
These beauties are hand-printed in the UK by Teja Jamilla, and the only reason I don’t already own a pair is that I can’t decide which pair I want need!  I definitely want the pirate print…now I just have to decide on color.


2.  Blog: The Jealous Curator

I must admit I’m a little jealous of the Jealous Curator.   She maintains a blog featuring art of which one could be reasonably jealous.  But hopefully, in the end, you’ll just be inspired.  (Or, at least, mostly inspired.  I can’t promise you won’t still be a little jealous.  Oh, just go ahead and read what she says herself!) 😉

Nov7ivart by Ian Bodnaryk (left) and Lola Donoghue (right)

3.  Ernest Vincent Wood III
Running across this artist’s exhibit at HUE Gallery last Final Friday was a serious treat.   His oil paintings are simply breathtaking.    I’m so proud to be able to call him a fellow Wichitan!

4.  bookhou
I discovered bookhou via Geninne’s Art on facebook.  bookou is a collaborative work between John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj, and offers handmade textiles, furniture and house design, and more.