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There are about a million other things I should be working on right now, but I have to take a moment and get this out, though I almost hesitate to do so.  We’ve become so inundated with clichéd  little quotes splashed across pinterest and facebook and everywhere else, they become stale and trite and it’s easy to not take anything to heart.  I imagine what I’m writing now will inevitably become lost in the sea of inspirational internet rhetoric.  However, if I haven’t lost your attention by now, please listen–and I mean really listen–to this:


And when I say art, I just mean creating.   If you’re thinking, “oh, I’m not the creative type,” or “I couldn’t draw a straight line to save my life,” or some other manner of negative claptrap, STOP NOW.  These are false beliefs.  If you are a human, you ARE creative.  Perhaps your talents don’t lie in the “traditional” realm of art.  Perhaps you’re not a painter or a sculptor, but you can imagine, and you can make stuff.

Of course, you may very well be a painter or sculptor.  Maybe you’re a knitter, weaver, spinner, crocheter.  Or you might be a photographer, or a designer, an organizer, a builder of robots.  Maybe you’re a writer or a performer.  Maybe you’re a curator who appreciates the work of others and facilitates the enjoyment of such.  Maybe you are many of these things.  If you don’t know what you are yet, find out NOW.  And if you’ve already found your niche…DISCOVER A NEW ONE.

Why should you do this?  Because it’s enjoyable, it makes you be more curious, it enriches your life and that of those around you.  Really, just get excited about things.   And once you’ve found your passion, SHARE IT!  Please.  You will inspire others, even if you don’t know it.