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I doubt if I have to tell you how busy I am this month…BECAUSE I BET YOU ARE, TOO.  But there are several events coming up that I’d hate my local people to miss!

1.)  TISSU Sewing Studio (the fabulous place where I had my AMAZING art show–amazing not so much because of the art, but because of the people who showed up!) is having a contest for Wichita artists and costume-makers…but the deadline is approaching fast!  You can read all the details here at the Call for Entries event page… and if you don’t want to enter, at least be there for the party on Friday, October 31!!

2.)  Craftacular.  (Of course, Craftacular)…it’s gonna be awesome.   October 25 from 10am-2pm at the Maize Recreation Commission (10100 Grady Ave., Maize, KS, just off of Maize Road.)


3.)  Want to bellydance?  I’ll be teaching a beginners’ class, also at the Maize Recreation Commission!!  Okay, technically, this is a November/December event…but you can sign up now!  It’s a shorter session this time, 6 weeks for $45, from November 11 to December 16 on Tuesday evenings.   Learn more and sign up here: Maize Rec Adult Programs.small bellydance poster