slow living: ICT

If you know me very well, you know I have about 27,000 blogs and, like, I don’t know, fifty billion facebook pages…(well, maybe that’s an exaggeration.)  But you get the idea.  I just like having projects, ya know?  And each must have its fitting and appropriate outlet, right?!

My latest project is slow living: ICT, a blog “celebrating the homegrown and handmade…embracing the simple pleasures of the Slow Movement in Wichita and South Central Kansas.”  Really, it’s a somewhat evolved combination of two other pages/projects, the Kansas Creative and Wichita is for Lovers.   While I do celebrate homegrown and handmade here at Prairiesque, slow living: ICT is a little less “personal” (i.e., all-about-me-and-what-I-do), but still personable!  It is there that I plan on doing more interviews with other locals who embrace the slow.

So please, if you’re interested in handmade, gardening, and just enjoying the simple things, visit the official blog, and “like” it on facebook,

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