Leanne the Artist

Shortly after the grand reopening of Lady Odeda things got kind of quiet around here.  *Sigh*…I know, I know.  But regular shop listings WILL resume in December!

So what’s going on?  Well, after vowing that I would refrain from all most “extra circular” projects and activities for a few months weeks at least…I decide to sign up for a little craft show on November 24.  And I decided that instead of sewn things, my product would be art!  (Though I will probably bring along a few pouches, too.)


But it’s not completely insane.  I mean, I’ve been wanting to “get back into art,” and this is the perfect excuse.  Not that I should need one, but you know how it is?

Anyway, if you’re interested in following my work, check out the facebook page I made just for that, Leanne the Artist.  I’m a bit rusty after not doing much for years, but I hope to get back into the swing of things soon…

fox2I’d give you some more info on the craft show, but frankly, I don’t know much about it myself yet!!  It’s in a small community but has seen some really great artisans, so I hope to tell you about it very soon.


2 thoughts on “Leanne the Artist”

    1. I hope to eventually have them for sale online…I don’t know how soon, though!! However, if you see something you like, let me know and we can set up something! 😀

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