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As I began the grueling task, last week, of cleaning up the mess I call a bedroom–a task which has yet to be completed, by the way–I came across my rather extensive collection of ephemera.  (Okay, okay…some of it isn’t even ephemera.  Some of it is junk that needs to be thrown away.)  However, I wanted to share a few of the pieces that I *do* love.  I just find them to be sooooo delightful.

Do you hoard collect ephemera?  What kind of pieces do you gravitate toward?

ie1Aisle 36 zine by The Jub-Jub Bird

ie2Obsessive Consumption zine by Kate Bingaman-Burt

ie3Fruit Monster zine by Ainsley Yeager (the Etsy shop is no longer up, unfortunately)

ie4Gorgeous tag from my recent purchase from cloven…(btw, she is AMAZING!)

ie5From the little bag I got when I purchased a necklace from like the rain… (unfortunately, her shop has been on vacation for more than a year–I would love to buy more!)

ie6Okay, this isn’t really ephemera, but I love the art and had to share.  From a friend, who also happens to be an incredible illustrator and owner of Astrokitty Comics in Lawrence, KS.

ie7If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you already know how I feel about the Madame…her business card is my all-time favorite, like, ever.

ie8Sticker and glamorous gold packaging from Leslie Hall, my musical lady crush.

ie9Brochure from an  exhibit at the Wichita Art Museum a few years ago, featuring Nickolas Muray’s photographs of Frida Kahlo.

ie10A precious, printed owl calendar sent to me by my BFF…check out her great pins!

ie11Card and mini-zine from sugar cookie