For the last year or so, really, I’ve been constantly mentioning that where creativity is concerned, I am refocusing.  Or that I’m trying to refocus.  Or that, at least, I need to refocus!  I’ve tried a number of different things, had a few false starts, and, in general, felt like I have no idea what I really want to do.  Deep down, I do know what I want to do, but I have been feeling this continual creative burnout.

So, while others are trying to *quit* their day jobs, I decided I needed to *get* a day job.  Something completely different from what I’ve been doing, in hopes that it will allow me to take a break from the creative stuff and come back with new motivation.  And so far?  I think it’s really working!!  (The only problem now is finding  time to carry out all of my excellent  ideas…but that’s another story.)

Here’s what I’ll tell you now: Ligermilk is still up and running.  I also hope to be bringing some new knitted designs to you soon, too.  For the time being, though, Lady Odeda is on hiatus.  But take heart!  I am scheming and planning and working so that in Summer 2013 (hopefully!) I can bring her back, better than ever.

Or, at least, that’s today’s plan…  😉

In the meantime, I also hope to become a better blogger.  Oh, and maybe finish that music video I’d been working on…since last summer.  And, um, hopefully get my studio cleaned up.  Did I mention that I’d also like to revive The Kansas Creative?  Oy…….