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Scodi WIldfire2



Phew!  Craftacular happened.  It will be blogged about later.  😉

I will tell you now, however, that I have finally gotten myself one of Wildfire Accessories’ amazing penny necklaces, and I just adore it!

Annnd, today I opened up the most deliciously scented package…receiving something from Madame Scodioli is always a treat, but there were some fabulous extras in this one which made it all the more wonderful!!  And the warm, exotic scents are perfect for brightening up this dreary day.  If you haven’t tried Madame’s wares yet, what are you waiting for?!  Her stuff is incredible.  Heck, she is incredible!

1.  Geek Scrub by Madame Scodioli

2.  Penny Necklace by WildFire Accessories

3.  Solid Scent by Madame Scodioli (Fortunato and Aged Bourbon)