I have been so neglectful of everything lately!!  Here’s a little post to get you up-to-date…well, and get myself up-to-date, too.  I was sick for a good part of January, so I sort of felt like doing absolutely nothing, and that combined with the luxury of being able to do absolutely nothing…?  It makes for nothing getting done, I’ll tell ya what.  Here we go!:

1. I have opened a new shop!  Lady Odeda will still go on as usual (um, that is, when I actually make something new), but LIGERMILK is my latest venture, and I blame Spoonflower!!  I love that I can design my own fabric…and you’ll see my own original designs at the new shop.

2.  My knitting patterns have moved!  I thought I had better do some consolidating, so I have also added all the patterns from the Sugar Pickle Knittery Etsy shop to LIGERMILK.   (And yes, I must type that in all caps.  Every.  Time.)   And of course, you can still find purchase them on Ravelry as well.

3.  I am getting back into art, so naturally…I had to start a blog about it.  (I know, I’m terrible.  But I will keep it updated!  I mean it.  Seriously.  Really.)  Read about it and see what I post here.

4.  I also just started a Twitter!  Or, more accurately, I started it a while ago, apparently, without remembering.  I realized this today when I tried to sign up and my email was already in use.  Go figure.  But anyway, I’m going to start using it.  My username is @prairiesque.

That’s all the blabbing I’m going to do for now.  Stay warm, lovelies!