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I feel guilty for neglecting the blog so much, so I just thought I’d post a quick update!  I have been working on a couple patterns, the Pride and Prejudice-inspired spencer above being one of them.  (And I am happy to say it is nearly finished!)

Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet in BBC’s 1995 TV Mini-Series, Pride and Prejudice.

I realize the whole Jane Austen fangirl thing is becoming a little played out–or, at least this is the impression I’ve gotten from the comments of a couple crafters–but I myself have only recently discovered the magic of Colin Firth in a cravat.  And I love the classic simplicity of the Regency style!  I don’t feel that it could ever get old.

I have also nearly finished a pattern for a nook cover, which I may offer for sale over in the SP Knittery…more to come on that later.

And this?  This is my broom corn!  Which is used for…well…making brooms!  I’ve never actually done this before, but I am excited to try this fall.

Unfortunately, the time of year when I lose most of my garden enthusiasm is upon us.  It’s just too darn hot.  I am so excited for sweater weather.  We are still tending to our struggling plants, but it is exhausting.

And this is just a little guy (or gal?) who stopped by me briefly to say hello and have his (her?!) picture taken.  So pretty!

That’s all I have the energy for now.  Oh, but do be sure to check out the new page I added to the blog, Link Love.  It’s chock-full of good stuff!