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I would have been sharing (bragging about) this in last night’s post, had I remembered to update it.  (You see, I usually don’t schedule posts, but I knew that given my irresponsible blogging ways, I’d have to do something to make sure I wrote about all our awesome giveaway participants!)

Anyway, this is a brand new soap by Madame Scodioli.   It’s so new, in fact, that it’s not even in her shop yet!  (Never fear, it will be very, very soon.)

But how, you may ask, did I end up with this little gem of saponified goodness before it’s even available?  Well, my dears, this soap right here is–as I’m sure you’re able to see from the label–called ‘Odeda.’  And, as you may or may not recall, Odeda is…me!!

I really could not be more honored.  ‘Odeda’ is the perfect mix of saffron, musk, and honey, and there is no other scent I’d rather be represented by!  It also feels so…familiar.  It reminds me of something I can’t quite put my finger on.  An old perfume, perhaps?  Or maybe my days as a bazaar entertainer on the Silk Road in the Ottoman Empire??  (Okay, that never happened. But still…)

And did I mention that the wrapper is actually antique wallpaper from the ’30s or ’40s?  I had a hard time opening it!  But I did manage… ♥

And can you believe the texture on this thing?!  Gorgeous!!

Sigh.  I love it.

While we’re on the topic of super-awesomeness, I thought I would share some garden updates!  We have tomatoes!  Very green tomatoes!

And soon there will be eggplants…


Awww….a tiny green been.