Artisan number three in this series of amazing item donors is Heather from Faye Farms!

I love Faye Farms so much that I did a little interview with Heather for my other website, The Kansas Creative, this spring.  If you’d like a condensed version, though, here it is: Heather is a sweetheart who makes luscious, aromatic soap from all-natural ingredients raised on her farm, and it is fantastic!

The soap one lucky winner will receive in the giveaway was actually inspired by another Kansas treasure, the Bartlett Arboretum, and smells of rich, earthy patchouli.  But Heather makes many, many nature-inspired scents!

You can find Faye Farms soap at Whole Foods on East Central in Wichita, KS, Windswept Winery in Udall and Windfield, KS, and a number of other places.  You can also say hi to Heather at the Old Town Farmers Market in Wichita!  Or, of course…online.  🙂

Isn’t this gorgeous?  It smells even better.  And its name?  Horse Kisses!  (It has the smell of fresh cut grass…)