I do not crochet.

If you want to get real technical, I do.  But not well.  I don’t know how to do it properly or how to follow a pattern, and I don’t know the names of most stitches.  So basically, I can take a hook and pull yarn through loops of yarn.  Needless to say, this isn’t something I do often.  I think it’s amazing when other people do it, but I’m not particularly fond of engaging in the craft myself.

Lately, though, for reasons unknown, I have been really compelled to start hooking.  These are some things I’m messing around with:

1. Just playing….a little swatch and what was supposed to be a turnip leaf  (I’ll use a little less ruffle in the next one.)
2. Wash cloth! Of course.
3. This will hopefully become a bag!  I’m using scraps of Peaches and Creme yarn…100% cotton, made in the USA.

Maybe I’m drawn to it right now because crochet seems more “summery” than knitting.  Maybe because I’ve seen some lovely things done with crochet.  Maybe because it’s just different.

But enough about my subpar stitching.  Check out THESE beauties!

From a website in French, *ouistitine…I have no idea how to read it.  But the other items on there are equally incredible. ..

I think this pattern is so clever and maybe even something I could do…nautilus coasters made by MariMartin.etsy.com.

Crochet + cameo = awesome, from kjoo.etsy.com.