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Not too long ago, I heard that the Onion Tree was moving into a shop called Roots & Bloom–I filed this information away in the back of my head, and intended on finding out where Roots & Blooms was located so I could visit some day soon,  but not quite yet, because of the impending craziness that would be my schedule.

Last Saturday, though, one of the things on that schedule happened to include helping an older gentleman friend of mine and my mom pick out some tomatoes.  He gave us the address of the florist shop where we were to meet him–he never mentioned the name–and we went looking for it.

Upon arriving at 151 S. Laura in Wichita, KS (the address our friend gave us), we saw this!!  I got to check out this great shop and make it to the re-opening day of the Onion Tree, after all.

Handmade goodness at The Onion Tree…

More lovelies: from Victory Road!  

Work by Collin Allen: Artist, Welder, Designer, Fabricator, Maker.

A little bit of Kansas love…

Beautiful herbs and flowers!

These plants were being sold for the “Tomatoes for Tots” benefit; all proceeds went to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

And an inside view of the shop…how lovely.

I definitely recommend shopping here.  I plan on going back soon!