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This has been a whirlwind weekend!  I have lots to post later, but right now, I’m going to share someone I’ve been meaning to share for a long time: Cloven!

A long-time favorite of mine, Cloven is not only the maker and purveyor of amazing, original jewelry, but also a member in the troupe of my other long-time favorite, Madame Scodioli!

Last month, the Madame held another one of her fabulous contests–the challenge was to draw, sketch, paint, etc, one of the members of her “troupe”–and I chose to depict Morgan, the Cloven Lady.

Aside from being a lovely, stately, hoofed woman, she is also incredibly talented:

“From the depths of the mysterious sea…”  Benthos is a bracelet made from a vintage, upcycled fishing spinner surrounded by chunks of black Tourmaline and Pyrite…amazing!

Lords of Greenwood Necklace: made from antler, wood, and stone.  Oh, and I advise you to read the description for yourself…I cannot tell you how much I value a great sense of humor!

Billows: “Alternating polished blades of blue and green Kyanite peer out from freeform sweeps of gunmetal cable chain.”  I love the truly billowy feel of this piece…

Sundials: made from coins of shimmering peach Sunstone and hand-hammered antique brass….these are such beauties.

This is a very random sampling of her work, because honestly?  I can’t pick a favorite.  (Well, okay, if you really want to get me something, I’ll take the Benthos bracelet.) 😉 Now, I advise you to browse the rest of Cloven!

{ p.s. — In case you are curious, this was my entry!  It was previously unframed, until the dear lady herself purchased it from me–what an absolute honor!  It now has a good home in her front entryway. }