Another pic from our arboretum outing


  1. I really want to blog more.
  2. I know I have said this a couple times already.
  3. When I started my very first blog, I mainly did it because I thought it was the thing to do, that I needed it as a sort of companion to my Etsy biz.  But after doing it a bit, I really began enjoying it.  However, it has remained very–I don’t know, “coordinated?”–with my shop.  Not that that’s bad!  It makes sense, since both the shop and blog are both my personal artistic expressions.  However, I’ve always thought, even if subconsciously, that my posts must always follow a certain theme or style…I feel like I’ve been limiting myself.
  4. Right here and now, I am giving myself permission to blog any which way I choose.  Will the change in posts be noticeable to anybody but myself?  Possibly not!  But this is important to me and will hopefully enable more frequent bloggery.
  5. I’m not making any promises, but the blog change might, might perchance include a giveaway.
  6. I’m going to start teaching a belly dance class soon…I am a bit nervous and very excited.
  7. I am supposed to be working on a large order right now; what am I doing here?!

Okay, we’ll catch up more later.  Happy Tuesday!