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I know we’re not quite to the new year yet, but I thought I’d wish you a happy and safe one in advance!

I also hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas.  Mine was nice and peaceful, which is exactly how I like it.  The weather has been glorious here.  After church, we went for a walk around one of my favorite places by the river and visited the Keeper of the Plains and the war memorial honoring the American Vietnamese who fought to resist the Communist aggression…it was so lovely!

One of my favorite gifts I received that day was a gorgeous necklace (handmade locally, of course!) featuring a vintage glass cabochon with a faux watch face…I don’t know why, but I just love fake clocks.

Necklace: Bella Luz
Jacket: Lucinda’s
Blouse: vintage

Later on we visited the farm and our sheep friends…

…then back home to relax, which, of course, meant looking at all of my new books!!  (I got quite a few.)

I love this little break at the end of the year.  It feels like a great time to re-focus my energy, and inspiration seems to be coming at me from every direction.  (Um…let’s hope that lasts into the new year.)  😉

My studio is, and has been, for some time, a complete disaster.  I’m in the process of organizing and cleaning it up a bit.  Last week on my facebook fan page, I promised a giveaway to celebrate my 1,000th sale on Folk.  Once I get a little more order in the studio, the giveaway is ON!!