Gift Guide No. 6: Last-Minute…Do-It-Yourself!

Sheesh!  I know I haven’t exactly been on the ball…which explains why this post is a day late.  But I digress!

We have less than one week until Christmas…are you ready?!  Ordering gifts now online may be cutting it close, so why not make your own?  If you’re stumped for ideas, here’s a list of how-tos to get you going.

  1. homemade lip gloss by cheeky kitchen
  2. faux leather zipper pouch by make it and love it
  3. ojo de dios by jay mohler
  4. quick mittens by anda lewis corrie
  5. velvet bookmarks by oh so crafty
  6. anthro knockoff bunting necklace by mandipity
  7. floor pouf/seat by brett bara
  8. ties by purl bee
  9. friendship bracelets by honestly…wtf

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