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Not unlike my friend Lorrie at Oh Yarn It!, I’m feeling a bit scatterbrained this week!  (And as she also said, I know, it’s not just this week.)  So here we go!

1.  I just read ‘The Secret Garden‘ for the first time and highly recommend reading–or re-reading–it.
2.  I’m excited about spring.  (Could that have something to do with #1 on the list?)   Now, do not get me wrong–I am enjoying winter!!  But while also fantasizing about spring. 😉
3.  I must make a cape with a hood.
4.  I must clean up my studio.  And bedroom, for that matter.  :/
5.  I’m on Pinterest, now, and it’s so fun!  Come say hello!
6.  I really, really wish I could find just a few yards of woodgrain-printed spandex.
7.  There are actually new things listed at Folk now!  (I know, it’s been forever.)
8.  Folk is also now available at Bella Luz, one of my favorite local shops!  They feature a ton of fabulous local artists.  Here’s the batch of pouches I delivered Wednesday night:

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!