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I wanted to make something that was very vintage-feeling, festive, and maybe a little kitschy!  (Though really, I prefer to think of wearing  a bird on one’s head as *fabulous*, not kitschy.)

This is what I came up with–the Winter Wonderland Headband…here’s how to make your own!

What you’ll need:

  • striped fabric for the top (I made my own by piecing strips together.)
  • felt
  • satin ribbon
  • plastic headband
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • Christmas floral sprays/picks
  • paper and pencil

The pencil and paper will be used to make the template for your base.  It needn’t be complicated, an oblong shape (like mine above) will work.  Mine measures approximately 9″ long and 3″ wide at the widest point.  Try the template on your head to see what looks good before cutting out your fabric!

Place the template on top of your upper fabric and two layers of felt.  Pin and cut out.

Pin all layers together and finish the edge with bias-cut fabric (I cut mine at about 1.75″ wide.)  As you can see, the edge below was done a bit…poorly.  I didn’t mind though because I knew the bad parts will be covered in the end.  😉

Choose your decoration!  I had three larger sprays to choose from, plus a small cluster of berries I knew I would use.  I chose the bird, of course.

To create the satin ribbon, I sewed two strips of satin together at each side and turned it.  Don’t forget to press!  Cut to the length necessary for your bow, turn the edges towards the inside, and hand stitch.

Fold the ribbon into a loop pattern (sort of the same shape as the “awareness” ribbons.)  Run a basting stitch through the center of the bow to gather it.

Hot glue the first floral pick to the bottom.  Bend the wire if necessary.

Now stitch the bow on over the area where you glued; you an also make a few loops around the wire stem to further secure the pick!

After attaching the bow, I decided it needed a button.  (I chose a vintage one with glitter and a little rhinestone in the center.)

Decide where you will put your larger piece of decoration.  You may need to bend the stem again.  Stitch it on, looping around the stem.  Reinforce with hot glue.

This is what the bottom should look like!

Try your plastic headband on, and place the felt base over it to determine where it should be attached.  Carefully take it off of your head, holding the base and plastic headband together.

Stitch on and glue for reinforcement.

Enjoy!!  Great for holiday parties and shopping!  And honestly, I don’t see why you couldn’t even wear it to the grocery store.  🙂