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Inspired by the book Intertwined and by countless other yarn artists, I’ve decided it’s finally time to delve into the world of art yarns!

I’m now comfortable spinning “regular” yarn, but this is my first piece of art yarn, ‘Victorian Trash’…so named because of the scrap bits of lace, silk, and faux pearls included throughout, and because of its ragtag appearance.  Considering this is my first piece, I am pretty happy with it!

Almost inevitably, though, since it is my first piece…there are some imperfections.  And all these imperfections come from one main problem, that being my spin wasn’t tight enough.  While plying it, the wool broke in a couple places.  The thread will help hold it together, especially after knitting up, but it’s a bit frustrating!

I also lost a few of the scrap pieces I had spun in…but the rest remain securely.

Before setting the spin, the pearls looked okay.  After, they are hanging loosely.  Again, I don’t think this will be a problem after it’s knit up, but it doesn’t look very attractive in the skein.

The twist did turn out rather lovely, though, in some places.  I do love the overall look of this piece.  I definitely want to do more work with beads.  The inclusions of lace were fun, too.  But I certainly need practice!

And now, I just need to decide with this yarn wants to be stitched into…