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More computer woes here at Prariesque–every photo I try to edit disappears into a black hole immediately after cropping, rotating, or doing whatever it is that I need to do to it.  Not anywhere to be found, not even in the recycle bin.  It’s so strange.   However, I am hoping to have this problem remedied by next week… *crosses fingers*

S0 I can’t really share the knitting I’m working on.  And boy, am I working on it!  I’m currently experimenting with my first (adult-sized) raglan cardigan.  It’s in one of my favorite yarns, in one of my favorite colors: Berroco Vintage in Fennel 5175.

I’ve also got some simple baby hats in the works.  Have you heard about Click for Babies?  It’s a campaign to raise awareness and help prevent child abuse, specifically Shaken Baby Syndrome, and they are asking knitters and crocheters to help by donating purple baby caps.  You can go to clickforbabies.org to learn how to help!

From "Click for Babies: Period of PURPLE Crying Caps" on flickr

I’m working on a small shawl in Eco Duo by Cascade (um…it isn’t any of the colors shown here, actually, but I’ll be able to share it eventually.)

There’s also a green tweed scarflette (I can’t remember the exact yarn…ahh!) and lots of ideas about future projects, some of whose patterns might be available for sale, or possibly for free on here.

Oh, and as it turns out…I am madly in love with Alan Rickman.  It’s a fairly recent development, but I’m pretty sure it’s true love.  I found this photo (as doctored by mariannes_stuff on flickr) and just had to share the amazing picture of my two loves.