I have been agonizing over the look of my blog for a couple weeks now, which seems ridiculous when you say it out loud, (or, um, type it out loud) but really!  It’s very important to have a good-looking blog, don’t you think?  You want it to be attractive so that people don’t cringe while trying to read it.

I’ve been creating all sorts of fancy graphics and buttons, when it hit me–I need less, not more!  So I’ve removed a few things that I didn’t think were necessary, replaced graphics with text links, and just tried to streamline things.  Because when I think about it, some of the blogs I enjoy most don’t have all that other jazz along the sidebars.  They are fairly plain and simple, and the current posts contain all the imagery you’d want.  (Which, incidentally, means I’ll have to be a better blogger from now on…)  😉

It’s not to say that I don’t like websites with pretty pictures built into their look; there are lots of image-intensive, professionally built websites that I love to ogle.  But that’s the thing–when it comes to web design, I’m no professional.  I’m not trying to show off my skillz in that arena.  So, I’m keeping it simple.

I’d love to know your thoughts.  How do you design your blog?  Does the extra stuff matter to you, or do you think it gets in the way sometimes?