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Do you listen to podcasts?  I do.  And I always like to hear what other people are listening to…which is why I’m surprised I haven’t shared my list with you!

Here’s a little info on some of my favorites as of right now:

The Alternative Kitchen Garden
Host Emma talks about her “alternative kitchen garden” in the UK.  Great information on growing herbs, vegetables, and living green.  (Also, her accent is lovely to hear!)

Cast On
Knitter, spinner, and pattern designer Brenda talks about yarncraft, shares essays, music, and more.  (The podcast used to run about an hour or so and was published less frequently–Brenda has recently announced that changes are going to be made, so ‘casts will be shorter and more frequent, and possibly a little different in format.)

Cool Things Podcast
This is a podcast by the Kansas Historical Society, and is described as “An insider’s perspective on interesting objects selected by Curators at the Kansas Museum of History.”  Very educational, interesting, and fun to listen to, especially if you like history.

It used to be known as “A Podcast for Crafters Who Love Books,” but is now simply “A Podcast for Anyone Who Loves Books.”  Either way, it is a great listen.  The very sweet Heather Ordover is a crafter and literature teacher.  She shares a little bit of craft talk, a bit of lit talk, and then a chapter or two are read from whichever novel is currently being discussed.

Electric Sheep
I’ve only just discovered this one and have listened to 2 or 3 episodes, but I am really liking it so far.  This witty UK knitter, “Hoxton Handmade,” is very entertaining and usually shares an essay, or a story about “the Sheep.”  I particularly like her reviews.

The Knitmore Girls
A mother-daughter podcast team, Jasmin and Gigi talk about…yes, knitting!  And spinning, and a few other crafty things.  A very enjoyable show.

Fluffy Fibers
This is a brand new podcast with only a couple episodes out so far, so I’ve only been able to listen to a couple!  But I am loving it already, and Isabelle is a fantastic host.   She is French and teaches English literature, so she has a wonderful English accent with a touch of French (yes, the accent again!)  But the show content is good, too.  Sewing, a bit of knitting, and more literature!

…What do you like to listen to?