It’s only been forever since I’ve posted on here!  One might think I’d have lots to share, but unfortunately, no.  I feel like I’m in one of those spaces again where I’ve been busy but have nothing to show for it.

So what have I been up to?  Gardening (well, as much as one can in the 100+ degree weather we’ve been having for the past several weeks), trying to learn my ukulele, working a little on the fall issue of KCQ (!), but mostly working on something sort of top-secret…so there’s not much to talk about.

But the garden…I don’t have a recent picture of it in its entirety, but let me tell you, it looks amazing…sadly, though, it’s not producing nearly as much as it could.  Racoons have stolen all the corn.  There are no beans on the bean plants.  It’s too hot for tomatoes to set on, and the ones that are there and getting ripe are either rotten on the bottom or are being devoured by bugs.  We’ve enjoyed one eggplant so far, a couple of them rotted on the vine, but there are some little ones, yet, so there may be hope.

Tomato plant-eatin’ worms. 

The okra seems okay, though.  And we have about a million various melons!  (Okay, maybe that’s an exageration…but there are quite a few.)  I am praying those turn out well.