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It has been a while!  Of late, my blogging time has been used for my newest endeavor: The Kansas Creative Quarterly!

For several years, now, I’ve been talking about creating my own little publication…not doing it…talking about it some more…and not doing it.  I’ve realized I finally just need to do it.  I also realized that the original format I envisioned (a photo-copied, old-school zine) was definitely not the best option.  Not only would that require more time, more money, and more wasted resources, but it would not be nearly as accessible as an online publication.  SO–that’s what I’m doing!  (And honestly, I cannot tell you why I did not think to do it before…since I do blog and all…duh.)

Anyway, check it out, even if you aren’t a Kansan!  There are some fabulous Etsy sellers listed, and a couple of how-tos.  Also, the next issue will be quite extensive…I sort of ran out of time, this time.  (Can you imagine?)  🙂

Yes...this is the screen shot. Yes, creative, I know. 😛