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A little while after I began my second Etsy shop (folk), I started including extras in orders: a tiny thank you note, freebies, something pretty…and then I quit.  Not because I didn’t like to do it, or because it cost too much or anything like that, but I would run out of “extra” stock.  Make a little more.  Run out again.  Then I decided I wanted to try some new extras, but wasn’t sure what…and eventually I became “too busy” to worry about concocting anything, so I didn’t…

Shame on me!!

First, let me say this: I don’t think it’s bad of a seller to not include extras. Personally, as a buyer, I’ve never been disappointed with a purchase simply because it didn’t include extras.

However, I am disappointed in myself because I didn’t take the time to do something that I feel is important to my own shop.  I feel that since my product is whimsical and a bit romantic, the parcel should be as well.  So, I took the time today and earlier this week to experiment with a few freebies, stationary, etc.

I am also just realizing I have rambled on way too long, when I should be showing pictures.  SO–here are a  few examples of what I made!

Hopefully this will inspire sellers and anyone else who needs to add a little extra something to their product, gift, or party.

Do you have any good ideas for Etsy extras?  I would LOVE to hear them!!

Tiny envelopes made from a reproduction of an antique botany book; sewn edges, brad fastener, printed with my hand-carved ‘Folk’ stamp.

Lace & Vintage Button charms; hand-stitched, with a jumpring on the back.

Lace charm detail.

Teeny tiny bunting!!   About 7″ to 9″ long.

Stationary paper detail.

Stationary; stamped note with lace and stitching details–front.

Back of stationary; stamped in silver.