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Easter is my favorite holiday.  That being said, we usually don’t go all out with the celebrations!  Although I can say that this Easter felt like it had a circus theme.  After church, lunch, and being silly in the park for a while, my mom and I saw Water for Elephants.  (The movie is good, but not as good as the book, which I absolutely adore.  Go.  Read it, now!)

Rob and Reese in Water for Elephants

This is the dress I made!  I usually try to plan my Easter dress a bit in advance, but this was a bit spur of the moment…as in I made it Thursday or Friday (I can’t even remember!)  I love the bright, bright roses on the white linen, and the frothy tulle petticoat…and my $7 clearance shoes. 😉

And I know you can’t smell it, but the circus theme was continued with my perfume–Dust Shaker, a delicious, hand-crafted blend by the lovely Madame Scodioli.  Ahhh….. 🙂