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A while back I mentioned entering Madame Scodioli’s bearded lady contest.  And….I am so proud to say that I won first place, which meant $50 worth of sweet Scodioli goodness!

I could go on forever about the Madame, as I lovingly refer to her.  The entire experience is beyond fabulous, from the item descriptions to the packaging to the product itself.  Even her facebook page, where the contest was held, is a treat; she is kind, witty, and a ton of fun.

Upon opening my package, the first thing I see is lovely, white and red striped paper, with the Madame’s seal on it.  There is nothing like a nicely-packed package.  (Although, due to my computer mishap, I am so sad to say that the picture of the paper in its pristine condition is lost.)

Everything smells incredible.  The scents are by no means overpowering, but certainly have a beautiful presence.  Below are the perfumes I received.  Each perfume is a solid scent made from beeswax, jojoba, vitamin e oil, and fragrance:

Smoke and Mirrors (Rosemary + Patchouli): This is a very refreshing, yet earthy, scent; as another customer said, it is “a yin yang harmony.”  It seems that when I first put it on, the rosemary was the stronger of the two scents, and as it wore on, you could smell the patchouli more.  Definitely very mysterious!

Dust Shaker (Mahogany + Sandalwood): Possibly one of my favorites (though it is so hard to choose!)  Very earthy and sensual.  It has a delicious, warm, woody smell.

Heirophant (Sage + Sweetgrass):  This is simply mouth-watering; it makes me want to roll in a spring meadow…or eat some grass.  (I know, I’m strange.)  But this perfume is completely delightful!  This also has hints of bergamot, geranium, and amber.  (Note: these perfumes are not meant to be eaten!)

Sentinel (Leather):   While this may sound like a man’s cologne, I think it suits ladies just as well.  And it smells like…leather!  My mom said this reminded her of a new saddle.  That is definitely a good thing.

Step Right Up (Cedar, Saffron + Vetyver): Very rich and reminiscent of incense, this is another earthy/ethereal mix.  This is also another unisex scent, but as with Sentinel, I feel no less feminine in the wearing of it! 

Laudanum (Tobacco + Black Tea):  The essence of tobacco and black tea is perfectly captured in this fragrance.  Sweet but masculine, and incredibly unique…….

And now, on to the soap!  I received two bars–Fiji Mermaid Shaving Soap, and Geek Scrub.  And I haven’t tried the Geek Scrub yet!!  It smells absolutely heavenly, but I am saving it, until I use up some other soap I have.  Plus, I must have something special to look forward to!

However–this is the Fiji Mermaid Shaving Soap:

 Doesn’t it look lovely?  It feels lovely, as well.  And I am in love with the description from Scodioli.etsy.com:

As a young girl (with little pink bow adorning her petit goatee), the Madame loved to press her face against the cool glass tank of the fiji mermaid, mesmerized by the strange undulating movements and eerie glow. She can still close her eyes and smell the salty marine notes and fresh rain mingled with jasmine, pine and musk.

One thing I like about the idea of shaving with soap like this is that it’s more economical and eco-friendly.  One thing I feared about shaving with soap is that it would dry out my skin something awful.  But, I always have to put lotion on afterwards, anyway, even with shaving cream or gel.  However–this was NOT the case with this soap!!  I went without lotion to see how well it moisturized…and I never needed to put any on!  After lathering, shaving, and rinsing my legs, they felt completely soft and moisturized.  I love it!!