Okay, yes…I heart all kinds of books.  At the moment, though, I am particularly taken with the tiny variety!

I began seeing these adooooorable necklaces on Etsy many moons ago…I loved them and then forgot about them.  But recently, I was hit with the impulse to make my own.

I love paper, I love leather, I love stitching.  It’s the perfect combo.  Here is my first (and so far only) one:

I think my next book necklace will be just a tad smaller–it’s a bit heavier than you might think!

Here is some more tiny-book-eye-candy from around the interwebs… enjoy!

I reblogged this on my tumblr recently….

From wmshc_kiwi on flickr

Handmade by TeoStudio.etsy.com

University of Tennessee Special Collections Library’s copy of Orphan Willie

From ruthbleakley on flickr