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It was recently decided that my wardrobe does not contain nearly as much whimsy as it should.  So late Saturday night, the idea for a super-sugary satin striped circus top came to my mind, and I began working on it that very instant.

It’s really only half satin (the light pink stripes).  The fuchsia stripes are some kind of heavier crinkle/crepe.  I lined it because of all the seams that resulted from piecing so many narrow strips together (next time I may use the serger and forgo the lining, as this may get a little warm.)   The lining is a light weight white muslin made from 50% bamboo/50% organic cotton.

I like it, but it is not exactly what I had envisioned when I started.  I wanted it to be a little over-the-top, but at the same time, small in surface area, as I didn’t want it to look like a big top tent (too much).  On this note, I wish I had made the flare around the waist about half as short as it is; I was really going for more of a ruffle than a peplum.

I am also almost halfway/sorta/kinda bothered by the stripes.  Not quite, but I could be.  Ya know?  I never had any intention of making them line up, but now that it turns out they almost do, but not quite, I’m concerned about it looking unintentionally sloppy.  But then again–not really.  Meh?

But, in the end, I like it!  So…what on earth would I wear with this?  When I first pictured it in my mind, I saw it with a cropped knitted cardigan, lots of fun jewelry, and a full, full, skirt, probably white with eyelets or some other light color.  Would this even look remotely good?  I can’t wait to find out!


  1. Necklace by PersephonePlus.
  2. Brooch by FlorLarios
  3. Brooch by RusticRainbow
  4. Brooch by piperewan
  5. Brooch by tinatarnoff
  6. Necklace by Peapodtreasures
  7. Brooch by whatanovelidea
  8. Necklace by MySelvagedLife


  1. Light gold by Rumina
  2. Beige braid by mucar
  3. Mustard yellow by sweetknitting
  4. Melon sleeve ivory by mucar


  1. Vintage sunny gingham by glamtownvintage
  2. 1950’s embroidered organdy by TheVintageStudio
  3. 1940’s full circle by RaleighVintage
  4. Full rockabilly circle skirt by swingkatsvintage