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I am a sucker for “eco-friendly,” even if I could stand for a lot of improvement in that arena myself.  That is why I always go nuts for someone whose entire craft is centered around the three Rs!

That is one reason I love iamthemandy.  The other reason is that she’s awesome.  Oh, and did I mention that her work is darling?!

This sweet, sewn scrap cuff was a gift I received from her, and I love it.  It fits perfectly and comfortably, and the texture is so rich.  And, it is actually made from scraps I included in a giveaway!  I love how she can turn something that once looked so familiar into something totally different and exciting.

iamthemandy has a plethora of unique, cleverly crafted goods, from tape measure earrings to magazine coasters!

And I am also loving these upcycled crocheted tshirt coffee sleeves!

In addition to her website, you can follow her on twitter and facebook, and she also has an etsy shop.  And be sure to look at her blog, where she regularly posts updates about her biz and cool craft tips.

above: uses for buttons!