I ♥ Tea!

And I’m about to go brew some on this cozy, rainy morning.  I love the taste; the smell; the accoutrements (even though I rarely never use the real pretty china, pots, sauces, etc.); and the health benefits, even if a lot of the other stuff I eat probably cancels out all those great antioxidants!  😉

Time for Tea by hmphoto.etsy.com

from wikipedia:

“Tea is the agricultural product of the leaves, leaf buds, and internodes of various cultivars and sub-varieties[2] of the Camellia sinensis plant, processed and cured using various methods. “Tea” also refers to the aromatic beverage prepared from the cured leaves by combination with hot or boiling water,[3]and is the common name for the Camellia sinensis plant itself. After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world.[4] It has a cooling, slightly bitter, astringent flavour which many enjoy.[5]

Tea Party Tray Ring by DIVINEsweetness.etsy.com

large chai tea kit by purposedesign.etsy.com

Some of my favorites are English or Irish breakfast tea (Twinings is my favorite!), red raspberry leaf tea (which, technically, like other herbs is not a “tea” but an “infusion”), chai, peppermint, fennel, and a number of others.

And…you know I love old videos.  🙂  Enjoy this film on how to make the perfect tea!