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Have you ever been going in so many directions that you really can’t even say where you’ve been?  That’s how I’ve kind of felt lately…So many things on my mind.  Happily, they are all good things.  But still!   Since I haven’t updated in awhile, I thought I’d share a couple of the more leisurely, crafty things I’ve been doing, in addition to gluing hair to my face….

I’m working on a new pair of socks from a lovely bamboo and wool blend…

I’ve started a large bicycle embroidery, the destiny of which I have yet to determine.  Maybe a pillow, maybe a wall hanging? I dunno.

Annnnd, I have been reading Jane Austen.

I love books not only because I love reading, but also for their physical nature; I like the way they feel and look and–(sometimes!)–smell.  I have tried reading Austen several times in the past, and I simply could not get into it.  I don’t know why.  But, I found this beautiful compilation and couldn’t resist!  I figured it wouldn’t be a huge loss if I still didn’t like it, because, hey–it’s a pretty book!

To my pleasant surprise, I am thoroughly enjoying it!!  I am almost finished with Sense and Sensibility...

And, while I am thinking about so many things already…I was thinking maybe I should throw a giveaway into the mix.  What do you think?