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It has been a while since I’ve blogged here and I have a few things to share, but it is late and I am tired, so for now, I just want to let you know about a chance to win some awesome swag from the lovely Madame Scodioli!

Back in November, the Mme. held a men’s facial hair competition…and now that Valentine’s Day is approaching, it is the ladies’ turn!!

Your beard, ‘stache, goatee, etc., may be made from anything at all (from real hair to magic marker ink,) but no photoshopping of the facial hair.  (For the official rules, prize info, and to enter the contest, visit Madame Scodioli’s facebook page.)

The deadline is Monday, February 14–St. Valentine’s Day!

Yes, this is me…yes I used my own, real hair.  I am weird like that.  😉