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I want to wash my hands, my face, my hair, with snow………”

We finally have snow!  I thought I would have a little photo shoot, but I didn’t get very far.  It started Monday night and there was a luxurious blanket on the ground the next morning.  I should have went out then, when it was calm.  By the afternoon, (which is when I was able to get out), it was blowing hard and snowing again.

However, it didn’t drive me back in the house before I could engage in some guerilla art….

(…is it still “guerrilla” if it’s in your own backyard?)  🙂

…and, I did manage to snap a few pics of my lovely, handmade Christmas presents!

The first is a gorgeous feather headband which–I just happen to know!–came from Lucinda’s, my favorite boutique in Wichita!  (Or anywhere I’ve been, for that matter.)  I’m sorry to say I don’t know the name of the artist that made it, but I know you can get more at Lucinda’s.

My favorite, most fabulous present I received is a set of two pairs of wood earrings, one large set and one smaller, made from cross sections of cedar.  My mom made these herself and I think they are wonderful!!