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Never have I been so excited about Red Heart acrylic yarn, but for some reason, when I saw “Holiday” in the craft section I had to have it.  Maybe it was the red and green Christmas label that reminded me of a beloved My Little Pony I once had.  Maybe it was the actual yarn (cream with gold).  Whatever it was, I am envisioning this as a nice light cardigan or spring sweater, maybe.   But I am leaning towards cardigan, which means it must have some manner of front fastening!

I am still just sort of pondering on this sweater and not anywhere near the hardcore design stage yet, but I am thinking about buttons….

This is my favorite.  Sadly, this is the last one I have like this.  However, it’s big so it might make a nice focal point for a one-button sweater.

Again, this is the only iridescent amber button I have.  I LOVE this button…just not so sure it works with the yarn.

The solid gold goes well, I think, but I’m not too keen on this style for my little cardigan.  A little too big and chunky.

The gray?  It’s an unusual combination, but I’m not above unusual.  It could have potential.