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Here are a few of my antique store/flea market finds from the last two weeks:

Plastic Earrings, Clip-on, $1

Rhinestone Earrings, Screw-on, $2 or 3 (can’t remember…)

Gold-tone Bow Brooch: $1

Set of Rhinestone Swallow Brooches: $8

And last but not least, Trifari Mushroom Brooch: $3

I found this item especially interesting.  It’s so whimsical and I love mushrooms anyway.  Like all my other finds, I purchased this because I liked it, not because I thought it was of any great monetary value.  But after seeing the Trifari name on the back, I became intrigued–I know nothing about jewelry, but my uncle used to work at Trifari, and I know that these pieces are somewhat collectible, so I did a brief search and found this green brooch and this white brooch.  Even thought the colors are different and the dots on mine are plastic, not metal, (the stem of mine is metal, btw, but is painted white), they are the exact same design.  So could this be worth $97?  $123?  $205?!…..

…I have no idea if it’s worth that.  And I don’t know if there are many who would pay that for it, anyway.  (Which, incidentally, is fine, because I’m keeping it.)

I do know one thing, though: $3 is a steal for such an adorable brooch.  😉