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Today I got to see old friends and meet a new one, as well!

My dear friend who lives in the woods far, far away, came back to Kansas for a visit and brought her new little bundle of joy.  He is  beyond precious.

I also bought some yarn for a few projects I have in mind….ahem…uh, yeah.  I might have a problem.  At least I can admit it.  But hey, Christmas IS coming up!

I was actually hoping to have some presents ready for my friend’s arrival, but I haven’t had time!  And I have been meaning to get a new sock pattern finished, but it’s coming along a little slower than I thought.  And I want to make some Christmas cards.  And I want to finish some clothes for myself.   And I want to…well, I want to do a lot of things, but between all the other things…you know how it goes.  🙂  Oh…and I’m working on an Elmo hat.  It was supposed to be for a birthday in October.  It’s going to be a Christmas present.  I know, I’m horrible….

I’m going to go knit now.  Bye.