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My Friday night entertainment –> this 1948 sewing film, in two parts, is just awesome.  It’s a little corny (okay, a lot,) but I consider that part of the fun.  And I am loving their authentic vintage styles…

One of the things I really like/find interesting about this is how much time and care is put into the entire process.  When sewing myself something from a pattern like this, I often find that I am rushing through it.  I need to remember that faster isn’t always better.

I’m currently sewing a suit for myself from one of the vintage-style Vogue patterns.  This time, I am taking it slow, following every step of the pattern whether I think it necessary or not, and not cutting corners…umm, unless the directions tell me otherwise.  (I learned long ago how hard lumpy an unclipped corner can be once you turn it.  Sheesh!)