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It’s officially cold-weather time.  Two days ago mom and I brought in all the plants.  All the jade plants, anyway.  But then again…the jade plants are pretty big, as they are at least 20 years old, and we have a somewhat small house.  (And then of course there are all the little “jadlings”!)

I love the kitchen being packed with plants.  (Especially when it’s cold outside and something hot is cooking inside, and the windows get all steamy.  It feels so cozy.) 🙂

And, for the first time ever, some of the old jade plants are developing some kind of buds!?  I had no idea they did that…I can’t wait to see if they bloom soon!

We also placed a cheery, bright-pink geranium in the living room…

One of the many things on my winter to-do list (haha!) is learn more about plants and gardening–mainly herb and vegetable gardening.  I have been reading Mother Nature’s Herbal by Judith Griffin, and it has proved to be a very enjoyable book.  It not only has information on how to grow and use herbs, but also recipes from a wide variety of cultures and the folklore surrounding each particular herb.  I’ve only been reading a little bit at a time, though, and usually when I’m too tired to concentrate.  I definitely need to give it a better look…