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I think I may have fallen in love with James Cagney.  I mean, what’s not to love?  Those sweet eyes, that sly little smile, all the spunk and sass wrapped up into one adorable little package.  (I don’t know if he’d appreciate that last part…but he WAS adorable.  And kind of little.)

So naturally, I’ve been watching a lot of his movies.  Which means I’ve been looking at a lot of vintage.  Which means I’ve been wishing there was a little extra dough in my PayPal…  🙂

These are a few Jazz Age items that I just LOVE…some vintage, some only vintage-inspired.  All worthy of envy.

Handmade and one-of-a-kind by yellowfield7.etsy.com. All of her hats are soooo gorgeous. It was hard to choose one for this post...

Dress by RiverOfRomansk.etsy.com

Sweet and simple brass art deco brooches from EpochBeads.etsy.com

YOW! This is the real deal; and only $1,485...I will have to save up for a little longer. But it's nice to look at.

vintage gown from BoudoirQueen.etsy.com


And of course, I can always make my own...